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5 Tips on Creating a Lovable Greeting Card

Valentine’s Day is upon us! Meticulously designed items of love are everywhere, from cards to digital advertisements. But what makes a great design stand out? Designers are consistently tasked with spending their days finding fresh ways to communicate various messages, all for the sake of grabbing people’s attention.

From broad appeal to content positioning, we’re excited to share our top 5 tid-bits on how to create a compelling piece of design for your greeting cards!

Design and copy go hand in hand.

1. Design and copy go hand in hand

The art attracts and the verse sells. Lure them in with a beautiful image, and pique their interest with a unique message. In short, good writing is a key factor to any successful piece, and it’s important to think of design and copy as a symbiotic relationship.

Use eye-catching colors and design elements.

2. Use eye-catching colors and design elements

Bold color palettes, striking fonts, and visually appealing design elements definitely help a greeting card stand out. In keeping with most business branding, put yourself in the buyers’ shoes, then creatively shape a solution. There are thousands of cards to compete with, so make sure that yours speaks directly to your audience.

Personal, but universal.

3. Personal, but universal

Designers and writers are constantly angling to capture a universal specific or a common theme that sounds personal despite having appeal across the board. It’s a tricky balance to perfect, so we suggest doing your research on what’s currently trending, what will be trending, and how they can relate to your company’s branding personas.

Blank on the inside?

4. Blank on the inside?

That’s partially consumer-driven because it’s more flexible for consumers to write their own personalized message. It’s also partially due to the fact that some cards are sold packed in individual plastic sleeves, having blank insides eliminates the need for customers to open the packaging and see what’s written on the inside.

Digital doesn’t always replace traditional. It’s a digital world now!

5. Digital doesn’t always replace traditional

Although social media has made it easy to share your feelings with the press of a button, the market for old-fashioned analog greeting cards is still chugging along. People still long for that personal touch, that extra bit of love crafted into a piece of intimacy. Not to mention, the industry rakes in an estimated $5 billion annually!

The great value of greeting cards is precisely the analog! Compared to digital products, they seem more authentic and express great appreciation. The emotional value seems greater to both the sender and receiver.

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