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Case Study: Growing Traffic, Leads and Engagement with HubSpot


Denton Vacuum is a thin film deposition system manufacturer based in Moorestown, NJ. They design solutions for magnetron sputtering, e-beam evaporation, thermal evaporation, indium bump deposition and PE-CVD. Adding a deep knowledge of ion sources, in-situ controls and front-end options, Denton develops tailored configurations that meet their customers’ application-specific needs for thin film deposition at high or low production volumes.


Denton was looking to expand their B2B marketing efforts and generate quality leads to fill their sales funnel. They wanted to shift from a tool-centric approach that positioned them almost as a commodity sell to a solutions partner strategy that put their customers’ needs at the forefront. They also wanted to formalize their sales process and launch inbound marketing as a way to leverage their deep expertise as thought leaders, and help their customers self-educate.


Solution & Process

HubSopt Partner

In April 2017, Denton Vacuum chose All Around Creative (AAC), a HubSpot agency and believer in the dedicated partnership model themselves, as their marketing partner. By implementing HubSpot, Denton has been able to automate and optimize many of their marketing and sales processes while gaining better insights into how their efforts are paying off with dashboards and reporting.

The program’s initial focus was on enabling the sales team with a CRM and a formal lead qualification process, and on launching a formalized inbound marketing function focused on lead generation. On the sales side, AAC worked with Denton leadership on lead funnel analysis and development of a lead process, then automated that process using HubSpot’s CRM, and trained the sales organization. The development of sales tools and content (data sheets, battle cards, email templates and more) has been an ongoing part of the engagement.

Functioning as an off-site marketing department, AAC helped Denton refine their core messaging and developed personas to help target content creation and promotion. During the first year, a new website was launched, along with a blog and the first formal lead generation campaigns. Two years later, a major part of Denton’s strategy is still the use of content, such as technical papers, case studies and infographics, with some pieces “gated” behind forms for lead generation. This content is promoted in blog posts, email blasts, across the website and on LinkedIn. Through HubSpot, Denton uses landing pages with forms to capture user data for gated pieces and automatically deliver the content upon submission.

In the second year of Denton’s engagement with AAC, they expanded their HubSpot usage yet again to onboard their service team on the platform. AAC automated the processes that would allow Denton’s service team to manage tickets, collect customer feedback, report on performance and continue to deliver the outstanding experience that sets them apart from their competitors.


“Over the last few years, we’ve developed a close working relationship with All Around Creative,” said David Douglass, Ph.D., Senior Product Manager at Denton Vacuum. “They’ve helped us to develop and execute a fully integrated, strategic inbound marketing program that’s generating high quality leads for our sales team.”

marketing leads
sales leads
Over the life of our work together, Denton Vacuum has seen sustained growth in both MQLs and SQLs.

Since partnering with AAC in 2017 and beginning to use the HubSpot platform, Denton has experienced a 150% increase in marketing qualified leads, 175% increase in sales qualified leads, 50% growth in organic traffic to their site in year two over year one and a 148% increase in email opens. Their blog has quickly become a significant driver of growth, and their gated content has seen an impressive 325% increase in the average number of new contacts being generated by content downloads.

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