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Hi-Def ROI: Maximize Your Video Marketing

For someone who hasn’t been through the video marketing process yet, creating quality video content can seem daunting. From concept development and creative meetings to storyboards, shooting, and editing, it’s enough to make one’s head reel. And production cost can seem budget-restrictive if you’re not familiar with everything that happens behind the scenes of that three-minute masterpiece.

But today, consumers are ingesting video at a pace never seen before. Now add the capabilities of online analytics and the powerful reach of social media, and it becomes easy to envision how your investment could pay back in spades.

Video Marketing ROI – Think Multi-use

Like any other marketing option, it comes down to ROI. Sometimes, small businesses find the cost-to-value balance of video a bit too heavy in the wallet. But consider how far your investment in that video can go. It’s no longer the case that you walk away with one final video, formatted for traditional media outlets. Today, your raw video can be packaged into a multitude of money-making marketing nuggets.

As a perfect example, we recently began production for a financial company based in Philadelphia. We were asked to create a series of two-minute “case study” videos to support an info-centric small business program that they manage. The project consists of three separate location shoots over three days, to capture interviews and b-roll. All of which were followed by a few days of editing. And the final videos will go on the client’s website to be promoted through traditional and social channels.

But that’s not the end of the story. During each shoot, we captured far more video than needed for a two-minute piece. The client also pulled in local experts for interviews to support the main storyline. Some of them won’t even be used in the main videos. None of this extra content added to the cost – we were on-site to shoot for a full day. As such, anything we filmed was already built into the price.

This means that once the smoke clears, the client will end up with not only the main pieces of content, but also a collection of short clips that are perfect for social media sharing. Now there are enough clips to potentially carry them through the next several months. So just one shoot resulted in a bucket-full of video marketing opportunities.

Learn from Your Video Experiments

But wait, there’s more! These bite-sized social media snacks are gifts that keep on giving. Each release is like a mini-experiment. The company will monitor engagement using advanced analytics and learn more about their demographic targets. Each release will provide a great deal of data which the company can use to fine-tune future campaigns across their marketing spectrum!

So, just one video project can provide multiple marketing opportunities. Coming from tons of actionable feedback and valuable data that you can use to bolster your marketing, your message, and ultimately your bottom line. Now that’s Hi-Definition ROI.

Maximize Your Video Marketing