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This is Scrappy, our podcast here at All Around Creative highlighting visionaries taking big strides to reshape their communities. In each episode we sit down to talk with these unsung heroes, whether it’s small-business owners or community leaders, and dive into the mission surrounding their work. By joining us on this journey, our hope is that you’ll learn from the inspirational stories of these individuals: how they solve problems, recover from failure, and find success against all odds.

Our host, Chris Straigis, is the Senior Manager of Video Services at All Around Creative, and when he’s not podcasting, he’s overseeing all of our production projects. Chris has a fond interest in people who are passionate about bringing their ideas to life, be it big or small. He sees courage in people who struggle through adversity and strength in those who learn along the journey to achieve their goals.

Scrappy guests range from electrical engineers to ex-bankers, covering topics from solar roadways to cleaning up shorelines around the world. Take a listen to a few of our previous episodes!

young child looking through toy

Embrace Autism

NEW! For a number of years, Marie Haas has worked with, and touched the hearts of, children with autism and their families. Her journey to creating a company in Singapore called Embrace Autism was a fusion of science and art, born of a passion to care, connect and communicate.

episode 11 with photo of debra ruh

Ruh Global Impact

Debra Ruh spends her time traveling around the world to work with multinational companies, nations, the UN, and more, as she advocates for accessibility and inclusion in order to improve the lives of those with disabilities.

Episode 6 Plastic Bank, two people exchanging information

Plastic Bank

The constant flow of plastics and trash washing up on shore drove entrepreneur David Katz to develop a plan. His goal is to not only clean beaches around the world, but to empower people in poverty to transcend their financial situations by helping to clean the environment.

Episode 4 Solar Roadways - young boy playing on solar lit roadway

Solar Roadways

Julie and Scott Bradshaw met when they were just kids, living in the same neighborhood in Southern California. Now married, the two of them have teamed up with an idea that may fundamentally change global infrastructure and help in the fight against global warming.

If you find what we do here at Scrappy empowering, take a listen to more of our episodes! Do you or somebody you know have a story to tell about following  big ideas, pushing through in the face of hardships, or learning through failure? Feel free to reach out to us for information about getting on the podcast.

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