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Top 5 Current Graphic Design Trends

While design trends come and go, they are a window into the popular culture of the time. Some trends – like 3D design and nostalgic palettes – will always be floating around, while others have their time in the sun before quickly burning out. Knowing audience interests and implementing those into your own work can keep your business front of mind while also helping you get ahead of the curve further down the road. We can learn a lot about current trends and how audiences are reacting to them, and use this knowledge to predict where graphic design is headed in the months and years to come. So we’re here to share our top 5 graphic design trends that are currently taking the marketing world by storm.

1. Bringing Back the 90’s

Know what a Memphis design pattern is? It’s when you combine simple shapes with polka dots and squiggly lines, then add a bright assortment of teals, yellows and purples into the mix. It was a style that came to life back in the 80’s, but didn’t truly find its stride until the early 1990’s. Think of popular TV shows like Saved By the Bell, The Fresh Prince of Belair, or even Rugrats, and you’ll know exactly what kind of vibe we’re talking about.

90s themed pattern showing shapes with polka dots and squiggly lines

So here we are, 30+ years later, and the Memphis design is having a resurgence, popping up in marketing to hit on that nostalgic bug. Before we know it, the early 2000’s will be making a return. Pray it isn’t too soon.

2. 2D/3D Mix

3D design has been a prominent trend ever since it came onto the scene. But this year we’re seeing it with a twist. The mashup of 3D visuals and elements with 2D shapes and illustrations has been a popular choice that’s recently been on the rise throughout 2022. This trend is very adaptable to all formats, from illustrations and animations, to web and app designs.

2D and 3D animation GIF of a smiley face being dropped into a jar of other smiley faces

2D/3D mashup is a playful way to get a number of ideas and themes across, while also showing you have some flashy style.

3. Pastel & Candy Colors

Grab your audience’s attention by making your images pop with pastel and candy colors. The vibrancy of these colors lends itself to the previously mentioned 90’s theme, but it can also stand out well on its own. These colors help to create a strong yet friendly atmosphere for your messaging, inviting audiences to come and join the party.

Pastel stripes with white rectangle on top

Warm colors like baby blues and pinks, mint greens, and lemon yellows are a great basis to start with. The world is your candy shop!

4. Funky Fonts

Funky Fonts is a loose term that lets your imagination run wild. Twist up your fonts in any which way to make a unique and memorable statement. Mix it up across different words. Flip a few letters upside down or replace them with shapes. Bold some fonts and italicize others. You can throw in a dash of color, stretch out your words, or do whatever you think looks the most fun!

Callgest logo showing a bold, funky font

Depending on where your brand or campaign will be seen, there’s only a few seconds to truly grab viewer’s attention. So use your time well!

5. Iridescent

The definition of iridescent is showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. Blending the iridescent feel with 3D elements is a fantastic way to play with light and shift your viewer’s vantage point. Transparent matter that complements holographic and 3D visuals is as eye-catching as it gets these days, and once you have their eye, you have their attention. Layer in some funky fonts to relay your brand even further, and you have an image that’ll be hard to forget.

Abstract image showing iridescent 3D visuals

If you’re looking for a more chic and elegant feel for your designs, the iridescent trend might be for you.

Trends don’t last forever, but when they make a splash, they tend to leave their mark on future trends to come. Learning and understanding how current styles are shaking up the graphic design and marketing world is key to keeping your business front and center. Not to mention, staying up to date with the latest and greatest is how you adapt to whatever comes next.

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