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Comprehensive Marketing Program

Content Development, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Program Strategy, Video/Animation, Web Development

This client needed to kick their marketing efforts into high gear to generate more qualified leads to fill their sales funnel. They also needed to formalize their sales processes, and were looking for fresh messaging to help reposition their brand within their industry.

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Sales funnel

Start with Sales

First, we enabled the sales team with a CRM built in HubSpot. We performed sales funnel analysis to design a lead qualification and marketing-to-sales handoff process, then automated it and trained the sales organization. We create sales tools and content (data sheets, battle cards, email templates and more) on an ongoing basis to keep the sales team running.

Introduce Inbound Marketing

We act as this client’s full marketing department. We started by refining their core messaging and building personas. In year one, we redesigned their website, launched a blog and implemented their first lead generation campaigns, leveraging their deep subject matter expertise to establish thought leadership. Two years later, content marketing is still a major part of our lead generation strategy.

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See Transformational Results

To date, this program has delivered a 150% increase in marketing qualified leads and 175% increase in sales qualified leads. Organic traffic was up 50% year two over year one, and their email marketing had a 148% increase in opens. Their blog, which we write on a biweekly basis, is a major driver of that growth. With our content strategy, they’ve seen a 325% rise in average new leads generated each month.

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Measure Everything


Increase in Marketing Qualified Leads


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