Paid Advertising Campaign Management

Digital Marketing, Program Strategy

PEI-Genesis is a global supplier of connectors and cable solutions for the military, aviation, medical, and space industries. When they needed a new online advertising campaign to highlight their customized services, they turned to All Around Creative. Our digital marketing strategists performed an analysis of their existing assets and target industries, and developed a robust pay-per-click advertising campaign designed to prominently position their PPC ad in the Google searches of their target audience. The Google Ads campaign successfully produced an extraordinary conversion rate of +49%.

A Well-Planned Campaign

The Google Ad space can be a challenge to navigate. An ad campaign requires several components including from the obvious ad text, images, and audience selection to sensitive company information necessary to legally operate. Our digital marketing experts made the process simple for PEI. Our design, content, and digital marketing teams collaborated to ensure that the ads were appealing, accurate, and met all technical aspects for the campaign to launch successfully.

A Significant Result

The new Google Ads campaign with its appealing ads and enticing contents, produced amazing results. PEI-Genesis attributed a 916.65% increase in transactions and 957.85% increase in revenue to the new campaign. Additionally, their customized services ad appears as a top search result on Google within their target audience.

Positive Outcomes Continue

With such an unexpectedly positive experience launching Google ads, PEI-Genesis continues to utilize AAC to manage ad campaigns, and continue to see improved brand awareness, a high click through rate (CTR), increased website traffic, a positive return on investment (ROI), and a strong Quality Score.

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