Scrappy Presents: Marie Haas

In our latest Scrappy podcast, host Chris Straigis sits down to talk with Marie Haas, a dance maker and autism professional. During their discussion, they explore Marie’s journey from childhood to adulthood, following her early dance career, the ups and downs along the way, and the opportunities she was able to create through it all.

Currently, Marie serves as an advisor to the board of directors at Embrace Autism. She helped found the organization and served as an active director for five years before moving into an advisory role. Embrace Autism partners with The Autism Treatment Center of America™ to bring The Son-Rise Program ® training courses to families and professionals in autism communities throughout South East Asia. These training courses use a method known as “joining”, which focuses on connecting and building relationships with autistic children to help deepen their understanding of what it means to listen and observe. You’ll hear more about this in the podcast. Her work in combining “joining” with a dancing technique called “shared movement” has created innovative new options  for those seeking international in-person programs, Autism Help Lectures, free workshops for autism parents, and so much more.

Marie’s dedication to her life’s work is an inspiration to us here at All Around Creative. Her fierceness in facing adversity made her a perfect fit as our first guest in the return of Scrappy. She is a visionary who uses her passion to fuel the projects that reshape the landscape of her community. Hear from her first-hand about how her big ideas resonated with so many, and how she developed new resources to offer families affected by Autism.

Take a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think!

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