Digital Transformation Video Series

Content Development, Video/Animation

Moderna is a biotechnology research company that formulates and manufactures mRNA-based medications and vaccines. When they were motivated to document the groundbreaking development of the mRNA vaccine, they turned to AAC to create multiple videos that showcased their journey. Through artful scripting and editing, we produced a series of videos that effectively communicated Moderna’s significant contributions to global immunization.

Moderna sequencing of video process

Preparation Enables Streamlining

During the pandemic, to safely and efficiently record interviews with c-suite executives and department directors, we focused on pre-shoot preparation, including storyboarding, interview question crafting, scripting, and meticulous scheduling.

On-Camera Interviews

Our work with Moderna encompassed days of recording interviews with executives and directors who had varying degrees of experience being on camera. Our team made each of them feel comfortable while being recorded so that their expertise and experience could be properly represented on screen.

Moderna’s Triumph Unveiled

The collaboration between All Around Creative and Moderna culminated in a polished and riveting nine-part video series that shows Moderna’s dedication to producing a groundbreaking vaccine. The videos and content we created documented Moderna’s journey for both educational and historical purposes.

Check out the Digital@Moderna video series on their YouTube channel.

Adrian Serna and Chris Straigis interview Moderna