Music Business Association

User-Friendly Website Design

Branding, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, Program Strategy, Video/Animation, Web Development

The Music Business Association is the only membership organization in the industry that brings together content and commerce. They came to AAC for a new website. We created a fresh, clean look by utilizing brand colors and a modern, music-related vibe. To reflect their personal connection with members, we featured decades of photography as a socially-shareable gallery. For ease-of-use, we introduced an automated online member directory and signup.

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Starting with a Full Assessment

Our team began with a full analysis of the existing site to identify issues: it wasn’t integrated with the client’s membership database, resulting in lots of manual work; there was no single sign-on so it was difficult for members to use; andcritical for SEOit wasn’t mobile responsive.

A Brand New Look

We developed a completely fresh site design that introduced the new branding and leaned heavily on highlighting the personal relationships the organization has with everyone from recording artists to lawyers to producers to listeners and fans within the music industry. The site’s launch was timed to happen live on-stage during their annual member conference.

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Designed logo card highlighting the Are You A Member? tool

Functionality That Delivers

Meanwhile, our development group dove deep into functionality. We modeled data flows and conditional logic to build out a custom integration with their CRM and membership database. This replaced manual effort with automated updates and registrations. The new site uses single sign-on to simplify the user experience.

Measuring Success Within the First Year


Increase in Page Views


Increase in Time Spent on the Site


Reduction in Bounce Rate