Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Roadmap

A marketing strategy is your roadmap to achieve your marketing goals. It’s a comprehensive plan that aligns your marketing initiatives, campaigns, and tactics with business outcomes. An expert strategy improves how you communicate about your products and services by incorporating knowledge of your customer needs.

An expertly coordinated marketing strategy enables your organization to execute marketing more efficiently for better ROI, capture more sales opportunities, keep customers satisfied, and ultimately, grow your business. It gives clear direction for teams and departments, and it unifies marketing activities so everyone works toward the same business goal.

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How Can AAC Help?

All Around Creative can develop an annual marketing strategy or campaign-specific marketing strategy to achieve your goals. We know that not every marketing method works for every business, so we tailor our strategy to fit your company, industry, and customers.

We work with you to establish messaging, a target audience, product and service promotional points, optimal channels for distribution, and more. We define parameters for success, timelines and milestones, and KPIs to measure progress toward achieving them. Additionally, our expert digital marketers can implement your custom marketing strategy to ensure quality and timeliness.

Goal-Setting Meeting

The process begins with an initial discussion of your goals, plans, challenges, and timing to build the foundation of a strong strategy. We establish roles and responsibilities, and align on timelines and action items.

Ideal Customer Profile Development

Attract the type of business you want. We develop a profile of your ideal customer incorporating factors including their industry, number of employees, annual revenue, geography, and level of organizational maturity to craft relevant marketing materials.

Persona Development

Define who your customers are as people. We develop a profile based on their company, position, demographic info, decision-making, job-related KPIs, pain points, wants, needs, and considerations. We consider where they consume information and calls-to-action that resonate with them.

Inbound Strategy

Bring in your target audience and convert prospects into customers. An inbound strategy builds a buyer journey map around your personas and ideal customer profiles. We assess your existing content to align pieces to identify content gaps.

Content Strategy

We develop a prioritized content strategy based on your persona, primary messaging, keywords, and types of collateral. For blogs and social media, we determine cadence, blend, and types per channel customized for your organization.

Social Strategy

Reach customers and prospects where they are. We provide a recommendation for the best social channels and types of content to post your content based on your audience and goals. We advise on best practices to maximize the reach of your organic posts on each social platform.

Technical Implementation

We can recommend and implement enterprise technology to streamline your operations and improve ROI. With expertise in products including Google, WordPress, and HubSpot, we can ensure your program is technically optimized.

Reporting Setup

We organize your raw digital information into custom dashboards to visualize and interpret your data. We can make your data even more accessible to people across your organization with monthly reports that explain performance.

What Our Clients Are Saying

AAC was a key partner in our digital evolution, supporting the implementation of a digital platform to enable us to expand our presence, better engage our potential market and begin to develop and grow our brand. Key elements included the execution supporting expansion of our social media base by 150%, our open rates and CTR for emailers by 20+% and 100+% respectively and adding over 20% to our active email subscription DB. Their continuous, ‘always-on’ responsiveness to the dynamics of our business helped us scale a very small team and move further toward a content-marketing driven approach for business growth.

Christopher Cullan Director of International Marketing and APAC Business Development MEF

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