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MEF is a non-profit industry forum of network, cloud, and technology providers that develop standards, certifications, and APIs to enable enterprise digital transformation. Due to pandemic-related closures, they decided to transform their annual conference into a series of virtual episodes, branded the Infinite Edge. AAC helped make the series a reality as well as developed the necessary marketing and advertising to support a successful series.

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A Change of Plans

As AAC supported MEF in other initiatives, we were also gearing up to support their widely attended, annual in-person conference. As we reached typical event milestones though, the COVID-19 shutdown changed everything. As events across the world pivoted to virtual, MEF came up with the innovative and ambitious idea to not simply hold their annual conference virtually like everyone else was doing, but to create an immersive, dynamic, informative, and entertaining multi-part conversation put forth in the form of 9 digital episodes. AAC stepped up to the challenge of making everything virtual.

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Comprehensive Support

AAC’s video production team led the way from start to finish. In pre-production, we organized prep-calls for segment guests, provided script support, and held show rehearsals. To ensure an excellent video experience, our production team edited all segments, built a full simu-live show, and processed all assets live on the day of broadcast.

AAC’s design and web development teams developed a visual identity for Infinite Edge that reflected the uniqueness of the interactive series. We designed and built the Infinite Edge website and visually customized the event platform. Throughout the series, we kept the website up to date with each episode so that viewers had access to anything they may have missed.

The first-of-its-kind series achieved great attendance with the help of AAC’s multifaceted promotional campaign. AAC handled the content, design, segmentation, and sending of an email marketing campaign, a cadence of social media posts, and paid advertising to grab attention and convert visitors into registrants.

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A Successful Transition

The result was the Infinite Edge Series—a virtual and interactive 9-episode series featuring ICT industry leaders and subject matter experts sharing their cutting-edge insights and predictions for networking, automation, and digital services. This strategy proved to be exceptionally successful—it elevated their web presence and attracted new members and sponsors.

All episodes are available now on their website.

The first-of-its-kind series achieved great attendance with the help of AAC’s multifaceted promotional campaign.