Marketing Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

Marketing to Drive Your Mission

Operating modern non-profit organizations requires dedicated individuals who understand and work toward the mission as well as the know-how to get your message out to the right people in the right way. At AAC, we understand nonprofits must focus on people and funding to enable them to operate and continue to fulfill their mission, yet doing so also requires an adept understanding of digital marketing, social media, and CRM tools.

Not-for-profit organizations and those in the non-profit sector have complex marketing challenges. While putting in the leg work to further your mission, you must also  communicate your mission to the public in an authentic, clear, and credible way. You need to reach new people and keep current sponsors, volunteers, and donors by distinguishing your organization among an abundance of options.

For nonprofits to continuously draw adequate funding, sponsors, and volunteers requires a marketing strategy that addresses these challenges comprehensively.

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A True Partnership

At AAC, we know that showing your impact is essential to building a strong community for your cause, and communication requires a delicate balance of being informative, educational, and motivational.

We take the time to truly understand your history, mission, goals, and the people and partners that make your work possible. From there, we create custom marketing materials that hone your message and move people to get involved.

With AAC, you have a team of dedicated marketing professionals that know your needs. We partner with you to create a website, campaigns, and content that drive people to learn about your organization, believe in your ability, and become advocates for your organization. We focus on marketing so that you can focus on your cause.

Marketing Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

AAC’s Work with Non-Profit Organizations

Opportunity Finance Network logo on a picture of a crowd at a conference

Opportunity Finance Network

OFN wanted to exhilarate attendees at their annual conference. With an important conference theme encouraging financial institutions to fund small businesses impacting their communities, AAC ensured the execution was cohesive, inspiring, and that attendees were wrapped in a completely immersive experience.

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Music business association logo on sound wave texture

Music Biz

The Music Business Associate needed a new website that aligned with their mission of bringing together content and commerce. AAC partnered with them to create a fresh, clean look that made a personal connection with members. We implement an easy-to-use automated online member directory and signup.

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Mary's Place by the Sea logo on a picture of a New Jersey beach

Mary’s Place by the Sea

Mary’s Place came to AAC  for help redesigning their website. We worked with them to create an entirely new sitemap and updated logos to match their new brand. We also edited and wrote copy, built custom integrations, and added new features to their virtual services calendar.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

All Around Creative was a tremendous partner and together we achieved a remarkable OFN Virtual Conference. We will be scanning attendee surveys over the coming days—but I don’t need any data to tell you that the quality of support, creative product, and service from AAC was vital to our success. I am proud of our work together.

Lina Page Executive Vice President of Strategic Communications Opportunity Finance Network

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